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Energy Shift. Intense.

This is what Archangel Malachi and the White Brotherhood shared with us and asked us to share this information with you.

"It is the blessing that you are here on the Earth during the time of the great cycle of change.

What has been shared in past times of many months we have been talking about the waves of the universal laws that the Holy Spirit increases sets in forth for four, six weeks or more, as you are about to come through your earthly experience in what is called new moon, as the new moon carries a beautiful eclipse with the moon hiding most of the sun of the Earth, but revealing what is called a ring of fire around it, around the sun. In this regard we say again Holy Spirit is releasing vibrational energies, waves of consciousness that increase certain beautiful universal laws to be utilized by the many. This is often a time when the sensitivities of yourselves, Light Workers increase which you have also been learning that as you maintain your balance, these increased energy fields of the universe and the increased radicality if that is one of your words, radicalness, of those who are impacted by these changing energy fields, yet if you maintain your balance, you do not have to tip your own reality with any traumas, no illness to the body, mind or emotions, simply remain in that whole state of balance.

Beautiful ones, we are going to speak here of these laws that are being increased in consciousness through this cycle and we wish to talk about the portals of consciousness, the vibrations of the portal of the sixth dimension inter connected with the fifth dimensional work that is going on. We remind you when you are addressing the vibration of the sixth dimension of the great increase in the light in the love in the high purpose of Oneness, you also are aware that sacred, called sacred geometrical energies are released, you realize you are being experienced.

We wish to share with you, to think of this as you are from the womb of the great Holy Spirit these geometrical vibrations are forming the essence of your next stages in the world. What that means to humanity’s consciousness, that mass consciousness, is that there will be times when ones will feel as though they cannot quite identify with their self or their relationships with the world. We have often said that the structure is breaking down from the old and the rebuilding of the new, and at times when ones are concentrated on the realm of matter and the energies of the Holy Spirit are changing the realm of matter an individual can become quite lost in their mind motion, challenged in their world with others, their careers, their health, their total life structures if you will. You as Light Workers who do the joining of spirit and matter the knowing of its Oneness then you indeed are called to radiate such vibrations of your light that you are helping create a balance within your world with Holy Spirit that pure undifferentiated love being expressed, and your own power of what is called time travelling meaning to be present, be of the universal time, it is no time, and be of the future meaning assisting in your focus and your light to honor what is forming, what is taking place, what is evolving and to remember to maintain the focus.

So let us speak of your beautiful universal laws that are stronger in the wave forms as you enter this cycle of what is termed new world. Of course in your mind hearts you will realize that each one of them are revealing to you and expressing to all of your humanity, and indeed this is what we call unfoldments of consciousness, unfoldments of intention and energy that the Holy Spirit is asking for. Here as the essence of increase is occurring, the law of Holy Development is indeed the first wave, again calling on all to feel the direction of the new world feel the openness of the pathways every soul is evolving into as role and assisting in the development of the world. A vibration of every thought and every motion and every action is either working with the Grand Universal energies or being challenged by them. For yourselves we will always remember to you, the vibration of the law of Worldly Development increases the vibration of the single sight of the I Am. And as you know the sight of the I Am is perfect, perfection through love, see them all as indeed important expressions of the Source.

In this regard we would ask you to see through your human eyes and your spirit eyes this beauty of your world in transition, not to be frightened by it, but to simply realize you are watching the actions of the greatest artist, the Divine, that will take its old art work and begin to transform it.

As this energy increases, increases, increases with its own intensity of the I Am, it carries here a vibrational law that will help support all beings it is the law of Wholeness it is a vibration that is merging through all of you through your mind you are whole, you are of course with the Oneness, and you are indeed assisting vibrations of consciousness. Perhaps we will describe it in this fashion. Allow yourselves for a few moments to kind of think of a human brain. And the human brain has many thoughts that activates sparks through the brain and one time though you'll believe your mind is holding on one thought but even as we are speaking your minds are visualizing, are sensing, are thinking and the sparks of that wiring energy that light form energy, that moves through your brain, well think of this with what we are teaching this day, the Divine mind is very active, and you are part of those thought waves, those light frequencies that burst thought emotion, through the brain system of humanity and the transformation within themselves. So yes everyone’s thought is important during this time and the remembering that you are whole and complete, and maintain your foundation of knowing that, helps guide this next patterning, patternings like a path to walk over the next six to eight weeks of your time here. At times each of you will have a feeling in this knowing, the feeling of the greater transformation the feeling of density moving more to light. If you are caught in a fear base of humanity you will feel as though the density is getting darker and thicker, as light workers maintain yourself anchored in the light and allowing the light presence to anchor through you into the iron core crystal. Maintain your faith that you are walking right path, serving as channel of light and a willing thought form of the Divine to assist the creation of the new world and as we often use term, be the creator creating.

As you walk in this beautiful power of wholeness the Great Universe enlightens and enlivens the greater law of life, death and rebirth. In this vibration yes you can use those words and realize the life that is known is coming through a death process, as well as in rebirth, and beautiful ones within this law is the vibrational elements of assisting the cells of humanity, the cells of the Earth, the cells of your Galaxy to be purified and changed as you would call it, purified, transmuted, changed for the new birth.

Again the human bodies with their own cellular vibration would be feeling these changes, sensitive to these changes, your intention again as light worker is to maintain that light with the sacredness, maintain that joy of the transitioning energies, and when you hear of those who are in trauma, in what appears to the Earth reality in disaster, you will put a love from your heart to their essence a knowing love, that here the memories of eons of time are leaving them, that a gift is that of moving into a higher essence and their own selves, you may utilize this knowing even for your Uncle Richie for your questions asked will it be of benefit. Indeed it would be of benefit.

As yourselves your own bodies for here you will sense you more empathetic and empathic here utilize such a challenge to realize what is happening to you, is in your sensitivity to the great changes you are being called into an awareness that you will do transference of energy, transferring light of love, light of harmony, light of Peace and release it back unto your world. So that in your empathy you have an understanding but in your empathetic reality you do not have to be over loaded with your understanding.

Allow yourselves to feel the cells in your bodies moving through the transitions continuing to release the stored memories and continuing to assist your own consciousness to be in the greater place of Peace and Oneness. And in the next beautiful law of greatness is releasing, is that in which you know the law of the Soul Evolution, again she is reporting the evolving of souls, it is continuous, the evolving of souls is strengthened by this evolutionary cycle of the great change. All of humanity, all souls that are participating in every realm of this Divine are evolving. Always in the evolution is the great power, the power of great change, the power of the purifying consciousness, the power of allowing one self to merge into such Oneness that you do not have to continue with what you call the tragedies of life that are overwhelming the traumas that through the emotional bodies build you an overt reality of unworthiness. This is not the great purpose these are the old memories of separation, the higher essence purity in your consciousness, assist this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful evolution of the souls evolve and of course as you are on the Earth you will remember you did indeed volunteer to live on the Earth and particularly to be incarnated during this great time of change for indeed the collective field of matter, again we will have a good giggle, the collective field of matter is not simply the Earth plain, it is your Galaxy and it is every Galaxy, and there is a great beauty that in this transformation is the power to transmute, and is the power to transfigure.

Time is now, Oneness is always, love is the continuance of the highest order of the Divine.

Now beautiful ones we shall honor here in this teaching, these are your four laws that are indeed highly activated, will be activated for your next six, eight weeks. Within yourselves you have awareness’ of other universal laws and we are indeed going to call out the law of adaptation, speaking unto yourselves, allow yourselves to remember as the volunteers of light in your earthly plain matter, continue to use the law of adaptation to allow yourselves to gently, easily, most comfortably, continue the evolution of the earth plain as you stand in the light, as you express as the light.

Let your humanness adapt more and more every day with the knowledge that you are refining your own human consciousness to meet that Divine consciousness you are very aware of, to meet the essence of your mission as the light being, and to remember in the beauty of what you are doing is your joy, is her joy, is the joy of the Allness. In your gift here of knowledge the wisdom for which you are learning here, we will remind you that periodically it will be very important that you let yourselves have restfulness, that will help you use that law of adaption, that you will remember as the Holy Spirit is releasing this energy, it is intense and it will continue to be intensified, and very often you are aware that as ones whose souls are chosen to volunteer to be light beings, they must remember that other beings on the Earth are living in their shadows, who are incomprehensing, not comprehending, not comprehending, the magic of this great universe in change, and when they are experiencing the tragedies and the traumas of this world of living, their unconscious seeks the light bearers, their energy reaches out to the light bearers, their emotions reach out to the light bearers, and for yourselves as we said most hear it, your empathic natures are hearing it and you will draw them to you, yet you must remember not to let the energies cling to you, not to let the energies imbalance you but to sit in sacred resting place, releasing their beautiful energies to the one pure light, the undifferentiated love, allowing their essence to surrender to the Holy Spirit, allowing your energy to re-order itself to that Oneness, again adapting Oneness, and while you are sitting in the presence simply that Great Oneness, to honor you are being replenished at your human level endeavors, with that undifferentiated love, that pure energy, that your bodies are being re-ordered to it's balance, when others are seeking to attach to your light. That the beauty of the Holy Spirit is re-ordering your beautiful Holy living Temple, your physicality, your emotionality, your mental qualities, the ego qualities, all, you'll be in vibrational experience of re-ordering through this powerful adaption energy.

Yes you are called to balance and re-balance if you feel as though the energies are overwhelming you, find a place, where you can sit quietly allowing that to be twenty, thirty minutes perhaps an hour of your Earth time. During that time think of yourselves as time travelling, meaning being blessed in the vibration of the Holy Spirit. Travelling to the Oneness, merging back into this evolution of the human being.

We encourage you to remember that precious moment of silence, precious time of silence where the re-ordering is occurring and the assisting of you the light being to continue the journey of contributing to your brothers and sisters of humanity, the preciousness of this evolution, and the greatness of once again of remembering, it is called an evolution of Oneness that all can live in the harmony of the precious gift of being individuated as the creator, creating the light the new world the intentions".

For more information about Archangel Malachi and the great wisdom of White Brotherhood please read our book "The Holy Mother Mary is God" by Kevin and Marina Kelly.


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