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Kevin Peter Kelly

Kevin Peter Kelly was blessed at a very young age when Mother Mary and Saint Joseph would regularly appear in his bedroom at night. They would be standing at the foot of his bed and watch him as he peacefully fell to sleep. It would be almost fifty years later when Kevin and his wife Marina would have the opportunity to meet and speak to Mother Mary. It was in one of those beginning conversations in 2013 that Angel Malachi introduced Mother Mary as the Holy Spirit something that is not acknowledged in scripture. Kevin was so excited about the news that he quickly wrote the book, The Holy Mother Mary is God so he can share the news with humanity. His wife Marina who now regularly receives messages from Mother Mary added those divine messages to the sacred book. 

   As these great miracles were occurring in 2013 and beyond, Kevin and Marina were being taught the miraculous service of healing. The Angels also initiated Kevin and Marina as energy vortex healers and said they were healing adepts. An adept is a person who is skilled or proficient at something. Kevin and Marina have been receiving weekly healing instructions from the Angels into the current year of 2020. 

Kevin Peter Kelly is a certified Reiki Master Healer/Teacher level 3. 

Marina Nikole Kelly

Marina Nikole Kelly is a a certified Reiki Master Healer/Teacher level 3, Spiritual Messenger, an artist, and clairvoyant. Her path of Lightworker started when she was little, even though she did not actually know what it meant to be a lightworker. She often felt a presence of Angelic Beings around her. At times, she received visions about future events and when she got a little older she started to hear Angelic Beings speaking to her. It would be many years later when Marina would communicate with the Angelic beings on a regular basis. She is quite grateful to have this gift and she is very happy to share her gift with you. 

Marina also has quite a passion for art and when she has free time she enjoys creating art forms. She was told by the Angelic Realm that her artworks carry healing vibration and she was encouraged to use her art for healing properties.  

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