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The Book the World has been waiting for

"The Holy Mother Mary Is GOD by Kevin Peter Kelly and Marina Nikole Kelly introduces the greatest mysteries which have been obscured from humanity for thousands of years. This unfolding of the truth that we all have been searching for is revealed to you not only in the author’s words, but in the actual words of God. This Holy book carries the Light and Love of God and you will feel it when you are reading it. Like a great gateway, The Holy Mother Mary Is GOD ushers us into the new age that will bring us into a world of peace. This book is for everyone, no matter what system of belief one holds. We are from one spirit and the source of that spirit is Holy Spirit. Learn how the oneness of all exists in three aspects and how the Holy Trinity misinterpreted the true understanding of the third aspects of God. Learn about the Divine plan that began 2,600 years ago which planted the seeds for God to come to this Earth as a beautiful woman named Mary.

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